Graham Whitburn: Blog en-us (C) Graham Whitburn (Graham Whitburn) Thu, 06 Jan 2022 14:51:00 GMT Thu, 06 Jan 2022 14:51:00 GMT Graham Whitburn: Blog 120 80 The Story Behind The Photo. Febuary 2018. Having travelled to Iceland with the hope of seeing the northern lights and ultimately being dissapointed, I ended up in a hostel in a lovely town called Vik.

Whilst chatting to the host for the evening I was explaining my plans to travel to Reynisfjara Beach the following day, he described the short walk over the hill to take me straight to the beach. The following morning I had a nice relaxing breakfast and headed out into the darkness (Very short daylight hours during that time of year) Following the memory of the path I should follow I began walking in strong winds, following the obvious path in front of me. 

After quite a while I realised that I must have followed the wrong path, as the sun was rising I could see a solitary building in the distance, I carried on into the strong winds with the soft volcanic road beneath my walking boots. Getting closer to the building I realised the road lead to the edge of a cliff, thinking I had wasted a morning walking to nowhere, I decided to go to the cliff edge to get my bearings and work out how to get down to the beach.

As I approached the cliff edge the view of Reynisdranger rocks appeared before me, being buffeted by the strong winds I decided immediately I had to capture this moment. Trying to get a long exposure image in the strong sideways wind was going to be impossible but that was the only way I could imagine it capturing the vision I could see. I edged closer to the face cliff face, below me was a small ledge that could possibly offer me some shelter.

After assembling my camera and tripod, I lay them down near the cliff edge and carefully lowered myself onto the ledge below, setting up the camera between my legs and trying to protect it from the wind, I hit the shutter button and waited for the image to appear on the screen. 

The result was exactly what I had envisioned in my mind.

Without doubt my favourite image I have taken in Iceland and my favourite landscape image up to now. Still in the storm.Still in the storm.Reynisdrangar, Iceland.
The rocks stood perfectly still in the stromy waters sums a lot up for me.

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